Virtual kick off seminar  18. Nov. - 20. Nov. 2020

Change your mind 4.0 



A professional attitude is a highly individualized (i.e.individual, idiosyncratic) pattern of attitudes, values,

convictions that result from an authentic self-reference and objective self-competences that come about like an inner one compass the stability, sustainability and context sensitivity of the sharing and acting "

(Schwer & Solzbacher, 2014, 107).


“With the term 'professional attitude' (...) are specific orientation pattern in the sense of action-guiding (ethical moral) value orientations, norms, interpretation patterns and meant the educational professionals in their work and attitudes contribute to shaping the relationships. The image of the child and that

your own professional role and self-image are at the core of this attitude "

 (Nentwig-Gesemann et al., 2011, 10)


Professional educational attitude on the foundation of children's rights. Children have rights from the start. Children's rights are immediate expression of that inherent in every child would.

With this objective in mind, the project group's first seminar started.



We developed the basics of democracy education, the basics of complaint management and the legal aspects of democracy education in germany.



You`ve got the power................