"Democracy and political education in early childhood education" virtuell Kick off meeting, November 2020 germany



“Democracy and democratic behavior must be learned and practiced anew by

each new generation. Young people today are growing up in a time that is

characterized by far-reaching social developments, e.g. globalization, climate

change, migration, digitization and demographic change. These so-called

megatrends and crisis phenomena challenge democracy and at the same time

represent the "social task portfolio for today's young generation“. (16.

Children and Youth Report 2020, p. 7)






 After we have worked out the basics and principles of democracy and political education, the establishment of a democratic team was viewed as the basis of a democratic daycare center. We worked out the development of participatory methods and cooperation with parents and families.

On the third day we dealt with a systematic one complaint management for children, parents and families as well as the employees of a day care center.


the distance did not hinder our workflow and good cooperation. we hope for better times and have the power to live and learn with the children on a democratic basis.




“With the term 'professional attitude' (...) are specific orientation pattern in the sense of action-guiding (ethical moral) value orientations, norms, interpretation patterns and meant the educational professionals in their work and attitudes contribute to shaping the relationships. The image of the child and that

your own professional role and self-image are at the core of this attitude "

(Nentwig-Gesemann et al., 2011, 10)