Here you can find:

- which projects the individual countries are currently working on


Hier erfahren Sie:

- mit welchen Projekten sich die einzelnen Länder aktuell beschäftigen

  • November - Dezember 2021

     1. The many ideas that those responsible brought with them from the meeting in Greece are being tried

          out and installed in the daycare centers.

     2. The children learn a Christmas carol in their language and "We wish you a merry christmas" for the

          presentation in the online meeting with all daycare centers involved

  •  July - October 2021

     1.  The children learn a lot about feelings

     2. Each daycare center creates a children´s game on the subject of feelings and sends it to the others   

         daycare centers

  • April 2021:
  1.   the children plant a peace tree 
  2.        the children learn a song from a partner country. The partner countries meet for a zoom event and        sing the songs to each other.
  3.   the children go through an election to learn democratic processes
  •   March 2021:
  1.    the children give other people a smile in difficult times
  2.    the children fold cranes as a sign of peace
  • December 2020: 

       The children sing Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer in their own language and send the   

       video to the cooperative day care centers

  • November 2020: 

       The day-care centers create a box with typical items from their own country and send it

       to the cooperative day-care centers