Here you can find:

- which projects the individual countries are currently working on


Hier erfahren Sie:

- mit welchen Projekten sich die einzelnen Länder aktuell beschäftigen


  • April 2021:
  1.   the children plant a peace tree 
  2.        the children learn a song from a partner country. The partner countries meet for a zoom event and        sing the songs to each other.
  3.   the children go through an election to learn democratic processes
  •   March 2021:
  1.    the children give other people a smile in difficult times
  2.    the children fold cranes as a sign of peace
  • December 2020: 

       The children sing Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer in their own language and send the   

       video to the cooperative day care centers

  • November 2020: 

       The day-care centers create a box with typical items from their own country and send it

       to the cooperative day-care centers