Prot. Kita "Erdenkinder"

We are a Protestant, 4-group facility for children between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 years. Our house has two nursery and two regular groups and offers space for 70 children. Our day care center is open:

Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Our day care center itself is located in the Schwarzenacker district of Homburg, in close proximity to the Prot. Christ Church and the parish home.



Wir sind eine protestantische, 4-gruppige Einrichtung für Kinder im Alter von 8 Wochen bis 6 Jahren. Unser Haus verfügt über zwei Krippen- und zwei Regelgruppen und bietet insgesamt Platz für 70 Kinder. Unsere Kindertagesstätte ist geöffnet:

Montag - Freitag: 07:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Unsere Kita selbst, befindet sich im Homburger Stadtteil Schwarzenacker in direkter Nähe zur Prot. Christuskirche und des Pfarrheims. 


Prot. Kita "Erdenkinder"

 Homburger Str. 48 

 66424 Homburg 

 Tel.: 0 68 48 - 14 47 

 Fax: 06848 - 730283 


Peace bench

The idea of installing a friendship bench on which anyone who needs 
affection, comfort or support in everyday life can sit was already
discussed in the autumn.
Because of the war, the children decided to
swap the friendship bench for a peace bench, since friendship, love,
consolation and mutual support are also part of peace.
The pictures show the development of the bank. The characters used,
the place markers, the name and the design had to be determined.
This resulted in a great result.

Doves of peace as a greeting of peace

The images of the war in Ukraine scare the children. 
For this reason, we offer space in our day-care center to process what is
seen on television or what the adults have heard.
In this context, several
ideas emerged. One idea was to make peace doves as a sign of peace and hang
them on our windows.
In addition, our little ones painted wooden peace doves
in order to hand them over to the cooperation day-care centers during our
meeting in France.

We learn songs in different languages

Online meeting with France 
We sing songs in French. Our French friends sing songs in German and
together we sing "Frère Jacques" und "Schön, dass du da bist".
It was a lot of fun.
Excerpts from the video for Cyprus

Songs for Christmas

Christmas 2020 : Rudolph

Christmas 2021

Shortly before Christmas, we met online with all of the cooperating kindergartens. Due to the Corona regulations, the small and large children had to switch on separately from each other via tablet. Even before the actual singing, the children had great fun watching the other children on the screens, waving at each other or jumping together in front of the camera. We have "Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling" in German and, together with all the children "We wish you a merry Christmas" in English. It was a very exciting and successful morning.

Greetings from Greece

In November, Ms. Reinke brought us greetings and gifts from our cooperation
kindergarten on the island of Chios (Greece). We all met for this in the
memory function hall and Ms. Reinke told us about Greece. It was very
exciting for the children.

Our Greece - table

We vote according to democratic rules

Projekt about feelings

We get to know the different feelings. 
Talk about how we feel in different situations, create a feeling
barometer and paint ourselves.

Emotion Games


In the summer, all countries designed games as part of the "Emotions" project theme. A picture lottery was assigned to our kindergarten. We designed this game with pictures of our children. That was great fun. The children participated with great enthusiasm. When taking photos, the children noticed that it is difficult to make their feelings visible to others and to recognize and correctly interpret the feelings of others. At the end there was a very nice picture lottery that was distributed to all the cooperative day-care centers. We also received games on the subject of feelings from other countries, which Ms. Reinke brought with her during her visit.

Peace cranes

For Peace Day, the children folded peace cranes and used them to decorate the entrance area.

Creation of greeting cards / Erstellung von Grußkarten

We'll give you a smile / Wir schenken euch ein Lächeln

 The last few months have shown us that so many things in life that seemed important to us are ultimately of secondary importance.


Things that can help us to cope with this challenging time and give us new strength are: Hope, people-to-people contacts and laughter.


We would like to give you our smile today so that you too have a reason to be happy.


The children and educational professionals of the Prot. Kita “Erdenkinder”

We distributed these greeting cards to all households in the village
of our daycare center and sent them to friends.

We discover the boxes from the partner countries

The box of Germany

One day in the kindergarten

Presentation of Germany / Vorstellung Deutschland