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Families presentation

This is the presentation we prepared for our families. So the could get to know our project better:

We are so happy that our logo was chosen as the logo project! Here are some pictures of how it looks.

Presentation of Spain

This is the presentation we shared with the rest of schools with some interesting information, so they could get to know our country better. We hope you enjoy it and discover more about or fantastic culture!

Celebrating Peace Day

On January 30th we celebrated the Peace Day and non-violence. We discovered Sadako's story and we were captivated about the thousand paper cranes legend, so we decided to give it a try with help from all the kids of the school, teachers, families and school community and it was a success! We reached more than a thousand paper cranes. 

Here I leave you the link to our project: Project Sadako and the thousand paper cranes


To mark the celebration of Peace Day, we also carried out the following activity. It's called the 'wishing tree' and makes use  of the olive tree in our playground. The students have been writing wishes on paper and hanging them on the branches of the tree to celebrate the day. When we were designing this activity, we noticed that something similar also occurs in the city of the Hague (the Netherlands) whereby each visitor can write a wish and hang it on a tree in the entrance.

Hungary's box

In the Hungarian box, our friends sent us a presentation photo of themselves, explaining what they had prepared for us. It consisted of various puzzles: typical Hungarian cows, a very traditional flower, a terrific dessert and a map of the country. In addition, they included two works of art painted by themselves. 

We have loved seeing everyone's faces and we have done the puzzles in groups and rotated to do them all.

Germany's box

This is one of the boxes that contained the most things. It had a very interesting story about "The Stone King", a candle holder made of wood, traditional sweets, discs of different logs, a man hair-grass, a German flag in a wooden puzzle and a CD with traditional German songs for children. All this very well explained in attached sheets in English.

What the children liked the most were the gummy bears and the typical pretzels, as well as listening to funny songs in a language they did not know. They are looking forward to seeing the grass "hair" on the potato-face

Greece's box

This time we teleport to Greece and get to know a little more about its culture through its box that contained a sample of its flag, puzzles of its fantastic landscapes as well as some delicious candies. We are willing to know more about this fantastic country!

France's box

Our colleagues from France invited us to discover the most characteristic aspects of their population (Taninges) and their country through the senses.


- Sight: drawings made by the students of the school.

- Hear: a toy that when turned has the sound of a cow.

- Smell: a bag with fir leaves from the valley in which they live.

- Taste: milk chocolate bar.

- Touch: a stuffed animal of a groundhog.


They also sent us a very nice puzzle of France and its flag.


Our students were delighted! They really enjoyed the experience.

Spain's box

On the occasion of the activity of the boxes, in which each country had to send the rest of the participants a box as a presentation, from Spain we decided to bet on peculiar products of our culture, showing  gastronomic, artistic and leisure features.

It included a musical instrument, the castanets. Also a fan, a Spanish deck of cards, nougat, which is a typical Christmas sweet; some cards that illustrate and explain the most prestigious monuments of the city of Valencia, as well as puzzles for other children to enjoy getting to know our country.

We hope you liked it a lot!

We planted a tree!

Today, March 21st we celebrate World Tree Day. As well as other activities, we have planted a tree in our school to commemorate this day. The 4 years old classes  have been the responsibles of the planting process. 

With this small act we aim to awake awareness about the relevance of taking care and protect these living beings which are so important for our planet, chiefly for human beings.

The best way for kids to learn is through practise, so all the classes of the school will take care of this special tree we have planted (a ficus) along with the rest of the trees in our shool and the school garden that has received so many prizes. 

We love to take care of nature!


We are happy to share our smiles at school, smiles that cannot be seen when covered with masks but that we have shown to brighten up our day to day.

We are happy to share our smiles at school, smiles that cannot be seen when covered with masks but that we have shown to brighten up our day to day.




In Spain we have made the cooperative games that we learned in France.

The 3-year-olds have been playing 'Bridge over the river'. A very interesting game to learn teamwork.


With this cooperative game, pupils of 5 years old learn the teamwork while they work the colours.